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Export advisory service

Export advisory service

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2020欧洲杯线上平台Exporting is easier with an expert at your side. If your business is preparing to take the first steps to sell its products or services in international markets, our team of experts are here to help. From getting to grips with exporting basics, preparing market visits to identifying new customers and securing finance - we have the contacts.

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If you’re looking to take your first steps in exporting, get in touch with us. The adviser in your area is ready to help with your international development plans and all support is free.

Advice on exporting

"Don’t let the fear of uncertainty of selling to foreign territories stop you from taking opportunities." - Michael Corrigan of Trtl

2020欧洲杯线上平台Our export advisory service will help your business fulfil its international potential. Get advice and support from our experts to help you prepare an export plan. A committed plan is essential whether you're new to exporting or wanting to grow existing international sales.

We can help you:

  • Understand what’s involved and connect you to the right people
  • Create your own action plan and strategy
  • Define your markets and identify the best opportunities
  • Develop the resources and skills you need to trade abroad
  • Prepare your products and services for markets

Meet our export advisers

Ask an export adviser

Be prepared

2020欧洲杯线上平台Good planning and having a clear strategy are essential to export success.

Preparation really is everything. Sometimes companies flounder because they start to sell in a market that they don’t really understand. Perhaps they haven’t had time to calculate the real costs of exporting or the regulations associated with a country. Some rush in a little too quickly.

2020欧洲杯线上平台We can support your company in the early stages to help you avoid the pitfalls. We can help you with the details, as well as the big picture. This will ensure that the time and effort you invest results in real business success.

2020欧洲杯线上平台In our experience, the companies that succeed with exporting are the ones who are the most strategic.

What's your motivation?

Part of the planning process, and your initial meeting with us, will be to understand the reasons why your company wants to export. It could be that the UK market is saturated or the foreign markets offer new opportunities to grow?

Understanding your motivations will influence the plan and approach to adopt.

We encourage you to attend our free workshops to help you prepare for export. This is a great way to engage with some of the burning questions and begin to develop an export plan.

You'll get to meet our export advisers face-to-face for ongoing support and professional advice so you can develop that plan into meaningful export activity.

Accessing markets

"You can never do enough research into your plans. The key to success is in many fields. But a good solid foundation built on in-depth research will help steer you in the right direction." - Ramin Golzari of Highlander Scotland

Market research is a vital element in shaping a company’s export plan.

Get connected to our free international market research support 

2020欧洲杯线上平台It's a desk-based service that provides information on global market trends, customer behaviour and competitor insights.

Other free resources to research markets include:

Making connections

2020欧洲杯线上平台As you progress through the research stage, we can help you make the all-important local connections. This can mean visiting a trade fair or taking part in a trade mission to identify the right agents, retailers or distributors.

2020欧洲杯线上平台If you’re considering exporting we can connect you with an extremely valuable network of international connections. These include  and in target markets worldwide.

We'll show you how to select the right distributor. We'll also hook you up with Scottish companies already exporting to hear their tips and advice for success.

GlobalScot is Scotland’s unique global support network for free advice to help your company access new markets and trade overseas.

GlobalScot members are made up of Scots and people with an affinity to Scotland. They have years of expertise and success in international business. The network is a perfect source of advice, guidance and expertise for Scottish companies that are planning to export.

Getting to know you

Export advice is not a one-size fits all. We’ll take time to get to know and understand your company properly. We work closely with Business Gateway advisers, and other professionals, to make sure we have a rounded view of your business needs.

Sometimes companies are looking for more practical or detailed support. For example, we can provide advice about adapting products and services for a market. And signpost you to information on the relevant legislation and taxes for that market.

Some services may differ in the Highlands and Islands. If your business is based in this region,

Meet our export advisers

Advice on export grants and finance

"Always validate your service or products before you innovate or go to market." - Mark Evan of NomadiX Media

Got a product or service you’d like to develop for overseas markets? You could be eligible for a grant up to £5,000. Our Make it to Market grant2020欧洲杯线上平台 can support you to innovate and take the next steps to trading internationally.

2020欧洲杯线上平台You could get funding to:

  • Research market opportunities, potential customers and your route to market
  • Modify or enhance your product, packaging and branding to suit your market
  • Manufacture your products, implement regulatory requirements and carry out testing
  • Launch your product, conduct in-market promotion and complete supply chain set up

UK Export Finance

UK Export Finance is run by the UK Government. It provides funding to businesses that export and to overseas buyers. If your business doesn’t have enough security to borrow from a lender, UK Export Finance can help.

UK Export Finance can:

  • Provide insurance to businesses exporting to certain countries
  • Offer guarantee to banks providing loans to export businesses
  • Guarantee loans for overseas buyers
  • Give loans to overseas buyers

Protecting your intellectual assets

"Be clear with your product. Be clear on its value, and have a clear pricing structure and support structures." - Peter Proud of Cortex

Your intellectual property (IP) rights are potentially some of the most important assets your business owns. On average, IP assets make up around 80% of the value of your business. So if you’re taking your products or services to new markets, you'll want to make sure they're protected.

2020欧洲杯线上平台Intellectual property assets not only include patents, copyright, registered designs and trademarks. They also include trade secrets, expertise, sector knowledge and brand identity.

We offer free, impartial advice to help your business identify, manage and exploit IP assets. Effective management of your IP, including expertise and market knowledge, can help increase your company’s profits.

Get support to manage your intellectual assets

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Ask an export adviser

2020欧洲杯线上平台 If you’re looking to take your first steps in exporting, get in touch with us. The adviser in your area is ready to help with your international development plans and all support is free.